Vid Lyft Review

Vid Lyft Review

Should You Buy It?


What Is Vid Lyft Review?

It’s a mechanized cloud-based programming application that utilizations ‘exclusive counterfeit consciousness’ to help your videos rank high on YouTube and in the SERPS. Clearly it does a considerable measure of stuff out of sight yet you don’t have to fret about any of that truly. All you have to know is the thing that YOU have to do keeping in mind the end goal to get your videos positioned so you can fret about making more quality substance as videos. Given that over a BILLION minutes was spent watching promotions on YouTube a year ago, you would be astute to utilize this free activity source as this data lets you know that individuals on there are BUYING stuff and in addition watching videos. In the event that individuals weren’t purchasing stuff, publicists would not spend huge amounts of cash on notices. Capiche? 🙂

So How Do You Use Vid Lyft?

I am a firm adherent to the KISS rule (Keep It Simple Stupid) so exquisite straightforwardness is the thing that I am about. This is the place Vid Lyft scores a major grand slam since it remembers the end-client (that is you) so everything is ‘painting-by-numbers’ basic and well ordered. All you have to do is the accompanying:

Transfer Your Video to YouTube (simple peasy)

Enter some fundamental data about your video to improve it (stuff like portrayal and labels and so on – all straight forward and there’s an instructional exercise on this provided to individuals that buy Vid Lyft).

Distribute your video and COPY the YouTube connection to your video. Glue the connection into the Vid Lyft positioning framework.

Click GO and enter the catchphrase you need to rank for (this is generally the title or part of the title of your video).

When this is done you simply click “RANK” and let Vid Lyft do ‘it’s thang’. What it does is specialized (stuff like pinging servers, sending social signs – whatever 😉 ) and will presumably bring about you nodding off in your seat, so as opposed to clarify all that simply assume that it does what it needs to accomplish for 1-3 minutes. What you are REALLY doing by utilizing this product is simply telling YouTube what it needs to think about your video so as to rank it. There’s nothing stealthy going in and it’s all flawlessly lawful. To cite a portion from the Vyd Lift site: “Is this legitimate? Yes, it is. Indeed, YouTube WANTS you to rank videos. The whole reason web indexes exist is to sort out data. All our product does, is help you do that quicker and in a robotized mold”. This progression takes 1-3 minutes to finish.

Toward the end of this progression the framework lets you know continuously where your video is positioning. Really sweet!

So Does Vid Lyft Work?

All things considered, to answer that question the initial step is to look at the live programming demo which demonstrates to you a fresh out of the plastic new video being positioned for its picked watchword in less than a moment. That in itself is great verification of the product in real life. You even get the chance to perceive how it’s outranking different videos that have been around for quite a long time. While that is not convincing verification that this product acts and additionally the sellers claim, it’s one stage in the right course.

As this product is fresh out of the box new the best way to REALLY know is to test it for yourself. At under 10 dollars it’s not exactly a cost of a pizza and on the off chance that you don’t do anything else yet put enthusiastically the streamlining tips, you’re venturing out in front of many individuals that basically either don’t do this progression or treat it terribly. The product is what tops off an already good thing of the essentials you ought to do with a specific end goal to make a strong establishment for each video. On this progression you ought not take any easy routes, particularly when the product itself is just going to require a greatest of 3 minutes of your time once you’ve improved it utilizing the free guide you get as a paying part (this will likewise just take you a couple of minutes).

Clearly, you should be practical. On the off chance that you pick ultra-focused catchphrases, for example, ‘profit on the web’ that a great many individuals are attempting to rank for, will wind up being baffled for clear reasons. For lower rivalry catchphrases, notwithstanding, this is a brisk and simple to utilize ‘programming arrangement’ that spares time and it works so quick you can truly do it once in no time flat all the way and forget about it. It’s additionally cloud-based so you can utilize it anyplace and you don’t have to download anything onto your PC to make it work.

The amount Does Vid Lyft Review Cost?

There are 3 evaluating alternatives for this product. This may sound somewhat unusual at first however this is on the grounds that API calls (once more, another geek term – I do apologize) cost the makers of this product some cash. The 3 enrollment levels are BASIC, PRO and UNLIMITED with the fundamental participation level beginning at $9.95 (one-time installment) up to $49.95 for the boundless participation. I will rapidly run you through the participation levels underneath yet will say ahead of time appropriate here that in the event that you need to rank more than 10 videos a month you need to go for at any rate the PRO level enrollment level which is a one-time installment of $24.95 (note: these are not repeating regularly scheduled installments so $24.95 is still truly shabby).

Every one of the 3 levels incorporate an enhancement control for nothing as an additional esteem reward which gives you another edge over your opposition before you even utilize the positioning programming.

Enrollment Levels

Essential ($9.95) – Access to Vid Lyft App, Optimization Guide, Full Step-by-Step Training. You can rank 10 videos a month.

Expert ($24.95) – Access to Vid Lyft App, Optimization Guide, Full Step-by-Step Training. You can rank 50 videos a month (best general esteem unless you need to rank >50 videos a month).

Boundless ($49.95) – Access to Vid Lyft App, Optimization Guide, Full Step-by-Step Training. Rank boundless videos every month. Additionally incorporates a selective ADVANCED preparing video.

Who Should Buy Vid Lyft?

Anybody that makes videos with lower rivalry catchphrases they need to rank for and get all the more free movement would be keen on this. You’ll simply need to sit tight for around 3 minutes for it to gone through what it needs to do once you’ve presented your video. Clearly, in the event that you don’t make videos and have no enthusiasm for doing as such, this won’t be for you. It’s additionally an extremely shabby arrangement so at under 10 bucks so it’s ultra-reasonable for anybody that needs to utilize it.


Cloud-based programming application implies you don’t have to download programming onto your PC.

Fast and simple to utilize (takes 1-3 minutes once you run your video URL through the positioning framework)

Appropriate for any experience level including tenderfoots.

Moderate Ranking Solution (value begins at just $9.95)

Can accomplish rankings rapidly (live demo programming demonstrates a position 2 positioning in less than a moment)

Shows rank continuously taking after accommodation into the framework.

Improvement direct provided for nothing to all individuals that buy participation to utilize the product.


Essential level is restricted to 10 videos you can rank every month. Direct to overwhelming video clients will require Pro (still just $24.95) to Unlimited level participation.

You WON’T rank on page one for high rivalry catchphrases like ‘profit web based’ utilizing this product so you should be sensible.

Appropriate for lower (think ‘long-tail’) rivalry watchwords (see live programming demo for instance)

Vid Lyft Review – Concluding Summary

On the off chance that you need to rank your videos on YouTube for lower rivalry catchphrases, this is a truly perfect programming arrangement that could help you rank higher and get you all the more free movement on YouTube. Clearly the evidence of the pudding is dependably in the eating, however first signs are certain and on the grounds that it’s so shoddy you can bear to test this out for yourself. The live positioning demo demonstrates to you how simple the product is to utilize and how the seller of this product began with a video starting with no outside help and got a position 2 positioning on page one in less than a moment once he had entered essential insights about the video before distributed and putting the URL into the Vid Lyft programming. It’s a slick touch that it lets you know progressively where your video is positioning toward the end and I likewise like the way that it is cloud-based so you don’t have to download programming programs onto your PC with a specific end goal to utilize it.

It’s judicious for me to watch/take note of that a rate (precisely what % I couldn’t say) of that positioning achievement COULD somewhat be because of the improvement steps plot in the preparation before you run it through the positioning programming. The way I take a gander at it is this isn’t a repeating installment participation programming, so it won’t set you back a wad of money consistently. It’s modest and you can give it a shot yourself for under 10 bucks for 10 videos for every month (or $24.95 one-time installment for 50 videos a month).

As far as the enrollment levels, I feel that the PRO level is the one to go for at $24.95 as that permits anybody to rank 50 videos a month. Unless you make a considerable measure of videos it’s far-fetched you will require the boundless enrollment level however that includes a propelled preparing video which I haven’t seen yet (let me know in the remarks segment what you think about that on the off chance that you get it). On the off chance that you simply need to ‘give it a shot’ you can simply go for the BASIC level at $9.95 however at $24.95 as a one-time installment this is cheap in the great plan of things (the enhancement direct alone which you get for nothing as a part could be exactly what you expected to get your videos positioning higher before you even run your video through the product) and it’s exclusive going to take you 3 minutes or so for every video to make it work for you. You can’t generally get significantly more basic or straight-forward than that. On the off chance that you buy this product and utilize it please let me recognize what comes about you are getting with it in the remarks area of this review.


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