WP Site Guardian 2017

WP Site Guardian 2017

Should You Buy It?


WP Site Guardian Review – What is it?

WP Site Guardian is another WordPress module with full included Web Application Firewall that made by Michael Thomas and Chris Hitman. It helps you secures your site against the most well-known sorts of hacking assaults these days like XSS Attacks, SQL Injection, Header Injection, Directory Traversal.

WP Site Guardian Review

Get Your Copy and Watch WP Site Guardian in real life

WP Site Guardian Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, you realize that a HUGE PROBLEM as 92% of WP destinations are hacked along these lines

Abuse – (92% of direct hack assaults) – a seriously composed module/topic permits a programmer to execute a summon/script that gives them control of your site.

Certainty – prominent security modules and administrations DON’T offer any assurance against this.

Animal FORCE ATTACK – (8% of direct hack assault) – Multiple endeavors to figure your username/secret key and take control of your site.

Actuality – most prevalent security modules and administrations are great at obstructing this assault… yet can’t manage new opened up XMLRPC assaults.

DDOS – (“break the site” hack assault) – this is an endeavor to surge your site with solicitations so your server falls over.

Reality – Plugins CAN’T manage this assault – you would need to utilize an outsider administration like Cloudflare or bespoke equipment security

In The most recent 12 months over a million destinations were hacked or mutilated by endeavors. Only one straightforward module defenselessness permitted programmers to infuse 50,000 locales with malware, disfigurement, phishing entryways and spam.

In April 2015 over a million destinations were left totally open to programmers when a weakness was found in a famous store module.

A month ago WordPress conceded that there was a noteworthy vunerability that permitted programmers to dispatch opened up beast constrain assaults leaving ALL 73 million WordPress destinations completely uncovered.

Endeavors are presently the #1 hazard to any WordPress proprietor. The most serious issue is NO QUALITY CONTROL – numerous WP module and subject journalists are not prepared in secure coding rehearses and the code isn’t checked so your site turns into a security guinea pig.

That is the reason WP Site Guardian release 2017 was destined to help you settle these issues.

Also, in the event that you think your site is SAFE then reconsider

The Top modules or solutioins offered any genuine assurance against Exploits were FAILED by Michael Thomas and Chris Hitman tests. For example,

WordFence Plugin

In with no reservations One Security Plugin

Better WP Security Plugin

iThemes Security Plugin

Acunetix Plugin

Impenetrable Security Plugin


Switch Proxy

Server Firewall

WP Updates

Secure Hosting

In any case, WP Site Guardian 2017 autodetects and squares Exploits in only 2 ticks and messages you warnings of attact endeavors.

Greatly Reduces The Risk Of Getting Hacked By Current and FUTURE Exploits

WP Site Guardian is the first ace dynamic hostile to abuse module that screens and squares programmers in view of conduct.

At the point when any suspicious movement is identified the IP is immediately blocked and the programmer is banned. This keeps the adventure from executing and likewise close down all further hacking endeavors.

By disposing of both adventure and the awful client you enormously decrease the danger of site getting hacked.

This is the main module available that offers dynamic assurance against current and future adventures as it takes a gander at guest conduct as opposed to the assault code.

Squares Attacks Even If You Have Vulnerable Plugins

You’ll never know whether your site is at hazard – right now there is no chance to get of getting informed of any unsafe modules or redesigns your site may as of now utilizing

With WP Site Guardian 2017 Review this is unessential as the module concentrates on programmer action instead of the helplessness

While your rivals are stuck scratching their heads, attempting to make sense of what to manage without their rundowns, you’ll be chuckling to the bank, since you’re not advancing without rivalry.

Quicker Website – Fewer Security Plugins Needed

Greatly decrease your processor and memory stack by disposing of asset hungry security modules you won’t require any longer

WP Site Guardian offers unparalleled security against adventures.

WP Site Guardian Review – Conclusion

None of the well known security modules, firewalls or even pay month to month security administrations could ensure your sire against an essential adventure assault.

Essentially… independent of what security module you are utilizing your locales are completely open to programmer.

Not any longer. WP Site Guardian screens your site day in and day out for suspicious utilization and consequently pieces regular endeavor assaults.


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